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CZ Print Job Tracker Printing Management Software

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered why your company’s monthly printer supplies  cost so much? Do you like to find out who print what?  Would it be nice to have all printing-related information on hand?  Including name of the users who print the most, who sends the print job, computer name, destination  printer name, print document name, print requests time and date, paper size, print  job size, number of printed pages consumed.

Printer Management Software can help you reduce printing related expense. If you’re in the market lookiong for an easy-to-use, yet feature rich printing management software, let it be CZ Print Job Tracker.

CZ Print Job Tracker is a printing management software that is designed for businesses and education institutions of all sizes that look for way to reduce printing expense. It let you casily manage, control, monitor, track, count, audit, set quota, restrict, log, report and charge for user printing  across your entire network.


CZ Print Job Tracker


CZ Print Job Tracker supports Windows print server and non-Windows print server printing environment. The software is designed to provide centralized print management capabilities for businesses and education institutions through advanced print control, print monitor, print count, print quota and print audit capabilities. CZ Print Job Tracker can be used with any brand and type of printer making it easy for your IT to track and control print jobs sent from Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS clients. Billing report generated can be sent by email, it can also be view from a web browser. CZ Print Job Tracker helps you track print jobs in queue, deleted print jobs and actually printed jobs, effectively monitor all printer activity.

Why choose CZ Print Job Tracker?

It gives you a complete  printing management solution you ever want without the tidiours and time consuming tasks. List below are just some features and benefits:

Very Easy To Install and Use:  The easy and quick installation of CZ Print Job Tracker does not require making any changes in your network, printer or workstation settings. Once a quick installaiton is completed, you will be able to manage, control, monitor, track, count, audit, quota, restrict, log, report and charge for user printing across your entire network, with little effort. 

Centralized Print Manager:  CZ Print Job Tracker can manage all your printer activities, print quotas, print counter and print logs from a single point where all print jobs are controlled. It  can resume, pause, cancel, restart print jobs on any printers at any time. Unclaimed holding job can also be deleted automatically if it stays in the queue too long, so other jobs can move on and print.

Printer Monitor:   CZ Print Job Tracker includes monitoring of all print servers and printers from a single location. The printer monitor sends email alerts automatically when printer errors occured, toner low, out of paper, and print job have remained in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time. This information can be used for purchase decision.

User Mnagement and Print Quotas:   CZ Print Job Tracker keeps track of account quotas or balance. When print quotas are exceeded, print jobs are paused or canceled automatically. Users or Groups can be imported from Windows Active Directory or from a CSV file. Users can also be added to the database automatically when they print first time. Users  can check their remaining balance, quotas, and change PIN from their desktop.

Print Restrictions  Printing is restricted if the print exceeds the maximum allowable print limit specified for a printer or user.  Restrictions can be set by user, computer, document title, color printing, print job size, day and time of the day. Once they hit the restrictions, CZ Print Job Trakcer will immediately pause or cancel their printing automatically.

Print Accounting: CZ Print Job Tracker allows IT or Office administrator to set pre-defined charges for print jobs. Charges can be set for each printer and based on number of pages, monochrome/color, single/duplex, and paper size.

Remote Account Management: IT Administrator can add users and update account information from any computer (Windows GUI or web browser) anywhere.

Client Billing:   You can bill printer usage to a client code, job code or project code and allocate paper / toner consumption costs to your clients. Users can be required to select a client code, project code or job code before actual printing is allowed.

Windows and Web Based User Interface:  CZ Print Job Tracker can acquire all information related to printing, including user name, computer name, printer name, document name,  date and time submitted, color, paper size, print job size and number of printed pages. IT administrator can view all print jobs, add / delete a user or update user account information (print quota, PIN, group, user status) through Windows or a web browser. The users can view and export their printing history, check the amount of money in their printing accounts or change their pin through a web browser.

CZ Print Job Tracker monitor

Print Notification and Authentication: CZ Print Job Tracker provides user with pop-up print notification displaying print job related information, including print document name, printer name, total pages to be printed, cost and user account balance. The authentication agent allows for the prompting of user ID and the PIN code before printing is allowed. Pop-ups are supported on Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations. Windows Active Directory can also be used authenticate a user using the user’s domain user ID and password. The print notification and authentication popup currently supports 25 languages.

The best way to learn about CZ Print Job Tracker is to Download 30-day Free Trial and experience it yourself. See also FAQ.

CZ Print Job Tracker is available in Standard edition, Premium edition, and Client Billing edition. Licenses start from 5 users/2 printers, all the way to unlimited users / unlimited printers. To find the best configuration for your environment, please call us for pricing. 


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