Genuine Printer Supplies for Color LaserJet Printer & MFP

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Why Buy HP printer supplies at Toronto Printer Supplies?

  • Genuine HP printer supplies ensure quality image, & your peace of mind
  • Same-Day shipping for Next-Business-Day Delivery to many cities in Canada
  • Free shipping on order over $100 shipping to GTA Ontario address
  • Flat $9 shipping to almost anywhere else in Canada

Finding the right supplies for you HP Color Laserjet is easy. Simply click on the LaserJet model of your Laserjet on the list below, or simply enter part number of the toner (ex. C9732A, 645A), or model number of the Color LaserJet (ex. M575, CM3530) into the search box on the top right corner. Please call or email us if you don’t find what you need.

HP Color LaserJet Series
LaserJet 1500 LaserJet 1600 LaserJet 2500 LaserJet 2550
LaserJet 2600 LaserJet 2605 LaserJet 2700 LaserJet 2820
LaserJet 2840 LaserJet 3000 LaserJet 3500 LaserJet 3550
LaserJet 3550 LaserJet 3600 LaserJet 3700 LaserJet 3750
LaserJet 3800 LaserJet 4500 LaserJet 4550 LaserJet 4600
LaserJet 4650 LaserJet 4700 LaserJet 4730 LaserJet 5500
LaserJet 5550 LaserJet 8500 LaserJet 8550 LaserJet 9500
LaserJet CM1015 LaserJet CM1017 LaserJet CM1312 LaserJet CM1415
LaserJet CM2320 LaserJet CM3530 LaserJet CM4540 LaserJet CM4730
LaserJet CM6030 LaserJet CM6040 LaserJet CP1025 LaserJet CP1215
LaserJet CP1515 laserjet CP1518 LaserJet CP1525 LaserJet CP2025
LaserJet CP3505 LaserJet CP3520 LaserJet CP3525 LaserJet CP3530
LaserJet CP4005 LaserJet CP4525 Laserjet CP5525  LaserJet CP6015
HP Color LaserJet Pro Series
Laserjet Pro M154 Laserjet Pro M176 Laserjet Pro M177  Laserjet Pro M180
Laserjet Pro M180 Laserjet Pro M181 LaserJet Pro M251 LaserJet Pro M252
LaserJet Pro M275 LaserJet Pro M277 LaserJet Pro M280 LaserJet Pro M281
LaserJet Pro M276 LaserJet Pro M351 LaserJet Pro M375 LaserJet Pro M377
LaserJet Pro M377 LaserJet Pro M451 LaserJet Pro M452 LaserJet Pro M454
LaserJet Pro M454 LaserJet Pro M477 LaserJet Pro M477 LaserJet Pro M475
LaserJet Pro M479 LaserJet Pro M476 LaserJet Pro M551 LaserJet Pro M575
LaserJet Pro M775
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Series
Laserjet Entp M521 Laserjet Entp M525 Laserjet Entp M551 Laserjet Entp M533
Laserjet Entp M552 Laserjet Entp M553 Laserjet Entp M570 Laserjet Entp M575
Laserjet Entp M577 Laserjet Entp M651 Laserjet Entp M652 Laserjet Entp M653
Laserjet Entp M680 Laserjet Entp M681 Laserjet Entp M682 Laserjet Entp M750
Laserjet Entp M751 Laserjet Entp M855 Laserjet Entp M880

If you wan to confirm the exact part number of the toner Cartridge you are looking for, turn to HP Canada by clicking on the link below.

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