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HP Designjet Z9+ 44 inch Photo Printer W3Z72A

HP Designjet Z9+ 44 inch Photo Printer W3Z72A

$5,723.50 $5,183.50

HP DesignJet Z9+ Datasheet

$50 Delivery fee without power liftgate service: SKU. 649001

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Product Description

HP Designjet Z9+ 44 inch Photo Printer

New Generation of 44-inch Designjet for Photo Intensive Environment

HP Designjet Z9+ Photo Printer lets you printer professional photo image faster, easier, and better image quality with fewer inks to save you time and money. Now you can cut post-processing labor time up to 20% with the first printer to include an integrated vertical trimmer, and rint up to 2.5 times faster without losing quality, with 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition printheads.

 If you are looking for Designjet 3200 or Z5200, go with the new Designjet Z9+ series.

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